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Creating consistently high-quality Podcasts with regular, engaging content will help reach your target market and build an audience - and it all starts with a podcast content plan. 

We know how to plan, produce and publish your podcast. We've been making podcasts since 2005, so we know what we’re doing!

Our first podcast was for the 2005 New Zealand general election and was a world first in covering an election through podcasting. Since then we have produced hundreds of episodes, including the Number 1 hit, Black Hands and more recently #Goodchat for 2 degrees, which has been nominated for a communications award at the annual PRINZ awards evening (view all nominations here).

We've also been working with Dr Albert De Decker from IUGA, producing an affordable podcast solution. He records each episode, then sends us the raw files. Our team then edits these and delivers the final full episode back to him for uploading onto the IUGA website.

We can help a little, or take care of the entire production - you decide.

Our three podcast options;

  • We work with you as consultants to to create a production plan including podcast format, recommendations on equipment, with manuals and training designed for the creation of your own in house podcast. You manage every step and we're there to help when needed.
  • As above but we support your appointed producer to answer questions as they arise. You still create the podcast in house with Tandem providing the technical skill and knowledge with audio editing and managing audio hosting and publishing.
  • We work with you through every step of the podcast from ideas and format through to recording your host and guests. Our producer and production team manage the entire production and publishing process with detailed reporting on the number of listens and from where.

Recent Podcast clients include:

 2nd Nature, #Goodchat

Black Hands: The Bain Family Murders 

Investment series

#Goodchat - Episode 3 - Communities with Sir Bob Harvey

We’re having a #GoodChat about how Kiwis communicate. Because although communication is second nature, we know that sometimes our nature gets in the...
Posted 05/06/19
Client: 2 Degrees
Playlist: #Goodchat
Categories: Podcasting, Podcasts
Sector: Communications
Press senior writer Martin van Beynen

Black Hands - The making of an international hit podcast series

The hit podcast Tandem Studios co-produced with on the Bain Family Murders has now become one of the most successful ever produced in New Zealand.It was a fantastic audio...

ADMA TECHMix Podcasts

Client: ADMA
Services: Interview, Podcasting
Episode 1: Matt Kuperholz from PWC; AKA The Data Whisperer Episode 2: Miranda Bond speaks with Andy Schick the Global Director of Automation and Analytics at Xero. Scott Brinkler...
The Checklist

Content Marketing Series: #3. types of content marketing

Series: types of content marketing. Part 3Having covered what content marketing is, and the history of it, now is a good time to look at ‘types’ of content marketing.Depending on what...
On the Land

On the Land weekly podcasts now available!

On the Land weekly podcastsOn the Land is branching out with a weekly podcast. This week our host Dave Dunlay spoke to Rob Cope-Williams host of 'On The Land TV and Web Show' about the hot...

Content is king, channel is secondary

The question is whether content is more important than the channel it's published on.

Tandem - Podcasting

Services: Podcasting
Tandem has long been a leader in podcasting in New Zealand. We created a world first with the Tandem produced ’2005 NZ Election Series’ This was the first time that an election...