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Starting at $2,000

  • Booking/archive fees as well as basic pre-production (understanding the full scope of the project and expectations, preparing interview questions, basic script or storyboard, short site-visit)
  • half day shoot in one location, full day edit with Tandem camera operator and equipment
  • 1 x music track with standard license
  • Simple graphics/titles (ie: logo at the beginning and end of video)


Live streaming:

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Starting at $1,300 


  • Basic pre-production (bookings, site visit/testing)
  • single locked-off camera and live streaming equipment
  • 1 cameraman/live stream operator 
  • Additional services:
  • Multi-camera stream with additional crew (suitable for more dynamic stream or large venues)
  • Creation of graphics (name keys, intro/outro slides, holding slides etc)
  • Post-stream editing (editing full stream into smaller video clips for on-demand viewing, ie: individual speeches)
  • Captions/transcriptions provided for full stream content and individual edited clips.



Contact us for a more detailed quote

  • $225 / hour (includes voice booth hire in Christchurch studio, audio engineer and all recording software)

Does not include booking/archive fees (starting at $180 per session)