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Kiwicare No More Rodents

Posted 21/05/18
Client: Kiwicare
Categories: Film & Television
Sector: Advertising
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Kiwicare TV Commercials

Client: Kiwicare
Services: TV Commercials
Tandem worked with Kiwicare to plan, produce and publish these two television commercials advertising their brand new product; Gro-sure Easy Flowers and Wild Flowers. Filming location, set...
Seven Sharp

On The Land's dairy industry cameo on Seven Sharp

Services: Television
Cameo on Seven SharpA clip from On The Land appeared in a Seven Sharp news piece* on Wednesday night.The report by Hadyn Jones says that “farms are being sold, farmers are...

Farming stories on TV and online

Welcome to our team Iconic rural broadcaster Rob Cope­-Williams as together we create a new farming show, On The Land.Rob is one of New Zealand’s longest serving television hosts having...

World Buskers Festival Documentary

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Tandem doco - Always Ready: Semper Paratus

A documentary celebrating 150 years of the Christchurch Fire Brigade was released on Saturday at the ChristChurch Cathedral. Tandem Studios won the contract to make the doco to mark this year...