Creating Content Since 1974

Tandem Studios is a highly-respected, experienced content-creation company with office and studios in Auckland and Christchurch. We produce quality, meaningful content to connect and engage with our Audio, Video, Podcast and Live Streaming services. We’ve worked with major New Zealand and international clients, including Microsoft, Disney, Deloitte, the New Zealand Parliament, TEDx and various New Zealand Councils.

Our world-class, fully-digital studios include facilities for video, podcast and live streaming production as well as voiceover booths. See Studio Specifications

Tandem has joined with Red Carpet to cover and broadcast your Opening Nights, Premieres, Launch Parties/Events, Festivals, Exhibitions and Awards Night to help create a special VIP experience for your guests. Find out how we can make sure your event is one your guests will remember - from start to end.

We also work closely with digital content marketing agency Shout & Co, who are our partners in publishing content across social media platforms. Their expertise in social strategy will boost the success of your online content through social media. To find out more about creating and publishing content to get the results you want, please speak to one of our team today.


We believe there's no need for a ‘Lord of the Rings’ budget, because we provide the best value possible. We pride ourselves on working within your budget, producing creative, high-quality content adaptable for multi-media use. We can manage it all for you using our exclusive ‘3P Process’: Plan - Produce - Publish.

Tandem Studios Managing Director, Dave Dunlay, has 30 years’ national and international media and broadcasting experience and our experienced and qualified team of producers, audio engineers, camera operators, editors, animators - the list goes on - have all the experience in creating the content you need in today's mixed media world.

Check out an interview we did recently with John Phair the original owner of Tandem Studios.