How does Level 2 affect your event?


COVID-19 has brought a world of confusion and frustration to event organisers and content creators around the globe. But as we (hopefully) start to move back into some sense of normal, some things can start to get up and running again. The question is, when and how?

Finally, we're moving into level 2, meaning some gatherings can now take place and many can go back to work. 

How will Level 2 affect live streaming? 

Gatherings are permitted, but only for a maximum of 10 people, primarily for attending funerals, tangihanga, wedding ceremonies etc. Indoor gatherings should be seated if possible, and should be limited to no longer than two hours. Most people will be heading back to work now, so there may still be the option of filming and recording on-location.

We are still offering several options when it comes to virtual live streams and podcasting. Most of them work with some form of video chat, that can incorporate other elements such as powerpoint presentations and videos, so you can run the event as you would, but from home. This can be a bit tricky to manage, as there’s a bit of logistical work in making sure presenters and MC’s know when they’re going live, as well as ironing out any technical creases before the day. But we’ve been running these virtual live streams since the lockdown started, and with our many years of experience in the live streaming field, we know what we’re doing!

We get a bit of freedom here to run events and conferences as semi-normal, meaning we can provide a skeleton crew for live-streaming and video production. If you’re planning to run an event or conference during this time, you’ll need to get in touch with us soon as lots of events will be re-scheduled quickly. A live stream during this time will likely be a mix of in-person and virtual, perhaps having the MC filmed on-camera in a studio/office space with one of our camera people, and presenters video calling in for their parts. Most people will be back to work at this time, so it’ll be likely our crew come to you on event day, as we used to!

Level 1

No restrictions on gatherings! So your event can go ahead as normal, as long as you continue to take the necessary precautions where possible, so don’t throw the hand sanitiser away! By the time we’ll be in level 1, if we ever get there, Tandem will be able to run full live stream, video and audio production services as we once did. Again, when we get closer to the light at the end of the tunnel, you’ll want to get in contact with us quickly as soon as you get the go-ahead on your event, to make sure you don’t miss our availability. We’ll try to keep as many dates open as possible, lord knows our crew are keen to get back out there! 

One huge positive the world has experienced with this pandemic is how to run things virtually. It’s not ideal and it’s certainly not how we’d prefer to do things, but we know now that it is possible. There’s no doubt that virtual meetings and events will start becoming more common, there’s also no doubt that the technology around all this will only get better. So by the time you actually want to run a virtual event again, not by force, there’ll likely be some swish, fancy things you can add to the mix. 

Creating video & audio content from home

The rise of social media has seen so many content creators come out of the wood work, some good, some….meh. One amazing thing that has come from this pandemic is the people who are experimenting with making new content, just making something because they have the time and because they can. 

It’s always been easy-ish to make your own content, but the challenge has been making good content, that looks high quality and makes people want to watch. But because everyone’s been producing content on their phones, computers and tablets (basically whatever has a camera) during lockdown, the lower production quality has become more acceptable. Obviously, you can’t film everything on your personal device, but the good news is filming most content on a device will be more acceptable than ever before. So it provides those in the business of marketing and advertising the opportunity to pump out as much as they can. This is where we come in.

During the lockdown, we’ve continued to produce videos, live streams and podcasts for our clients. Most of the video work comes from our clients filming to their hearts content and sending us the footage to pull together. The podcasts are a case of getting everyone on a video or audio call (via something like Zoom) and telling them when to start chatting. It’s super easy to create content from home, just about everyone who has access to a camera or microphone can do it. We’ll be there to assist you right through the whole production, including planning, telling you how to set yourself up in front of your laptop at home, and editing everything together for you to use wherever you need. It’s a content world out there, and we’re just the team to help you through it. 

Contact us now to book in or learn how we can help virtually.