Suggested videos on YouTube and generating more views


Ever wondered where those "suggested" videos come from when you've fallen down the YouTube rabbit hole? Just like everything else on the internet these days, the answer algorithm. 

It's no surprise that most views on YouTube are generated through the suggested videos, but many content creators underestimate the power of this feature when thinking about publishing. Tubular Insights says "Dominating this section on your own videos and others’ has the ability to drive massive viewership and ensure your audience is not whisked away to someone else’s videos."

This has certainly been the case with a video Tandem produced for NZ Pork back in 2014. 

This particular video in the series was published on Tandem's YouTube channel in May 2014 and clocked up just over 300 views in it's first year. On the 3rd October 2017, the views began to climb. Over the short period of 8 days, the video increased from 919 to over 13,500 views. 

Since then, the video has continued to be viewed 1,500 times a day, and sits at 1.7 million views as of May 2019. Just over 1 million views were from the suggested video section. 

You can see the analytics below:

This is the power of "suggested" videos. As soon as the views began to increase, the audience reach grew. More and more viewers were accessing the video through the suggestions section, generating more views. The cycle continues. 

Tubular Insights has 7 suggestions for how to promote your content into suggestions, and generate more views:

  • #1 Make “Engaging” Video Content
  • #2 Encourage “Engagement Actions”
  • #3 Optimize YouTube Video Titles
  • # 4 Optimize YouTube Video Meta Data 
  • #5 Interlink Videos via Annotations, Playlists
  • #6 Upload Compelling Custom Thumbnails
  • #7 Start YouTube Sessions