#Goodchat - A new podcast series by 2 Degrees & Tandem


The latest campaign by 2 Degrees continues this week, with the release of episode one in their new three-part podcast series #Goodchat. As one of New Zealand's leading producers of podcasts, Tandem was brought on board to produce this podcast series along with Mango productions in Auckland. 

"Communication is second nature. But sometimes our nature gets in the way." That's just one of the messages 2 degrees is hoping listeners can take away from this new series. The first episode looks into commuication and relationships and how people communicate with their loved ones and the role technology plays – good and bad. 

Listen as our expert, Dr Anna Martin who is a communication psychologist, meets and chats with six kiwis, each with unique and relateable stories. Below is a link to Dr Anna's interview on TV One's Breakfast programme on 16th August 2018.

File Anna on breakfast SD.mp4

Tandem is proud to work with 2 degrees and Mango productions on this series. From concept to delivery, we have helped bring every aspect of this series together. It was our job to bring more than thirty pages of research and numbers to life with creativity and great stories. Our concept was to review the history of communication and how this has changed and evolved throughout the stages of life. We start with Walter and Adele who are approaching their 60th wedding anniversary. Their initial communication was entirely through letters. They spent 18 months apart when they first met, without even speaking on the phone. Marliese battles time zones to stay connected with her parents in Sri Lanka, after moving here for university. Adrian is constantly trying to keep up with his far-flung family and Ciana is also experiencing the hardships of navigating a long-distance relationship and how different that is now compared to 60 years ago. 

You can view the homepage and listen to the first episode on 2 Degrees' website.

The next two episodes will cover communication within the workplace and communities. All episodes will be released on iTunes.