UC Championship Rugby final 2017 live stream


The final rugby game of the UC Championship was held on the 26th August 2017 at Christchurch Boys High School. Tandem Studios had been working alongside the CRFU for the majority of the rugby season to provide the “Social Footy Show”, a 4-5 minute highlights video and wrap up of certain games in the championship. We continued to provide the final episode of the Social Footy Show during the final but also live-streamed the whole game through the UC Championship & UC Cup Facebook page. The stream, at its peak, was viewed by over 600 people, tuning in from all over the Canterbury District.

Our 8-person team was a streamlined version of a full live-stream setup, but without the OB van. This team included:

  • Director
  • Vision Mixer
  • 3 Cameras (2 on each 22-meter line, and 1 on the halfway line)
  • Floor Manager
  • 2 commentators
  • 1 host of our “social footy show”

The full live-stream includes build up to the game 15 minutes before kick-off with two commentators, hakas and a pre-game interview with a University of Canterbury representative as well as post-game festivities, including the awards ceremony. We had the privilege of working alongside two long time professional sports commentators, Rocky Roberts and Brendan Laney who brought so much more life and entertainment to the game.

It was a huge challenge to pull this together in time for this years final, but after a successful finish, we look forward to live-streaming as many games as possible in next years championship.

Watch the full live stream on our YouTube channel

Watch the full episode of the final Social Footy Show below