Tandem's international voice adventure


Tandem produces commercials for local and national clients, and every couple of months an international project pops up. But nothing as adventurous as the commercials we made for the Flight of the Conchords. We had a call from Creative Sounds - a production house in Ireland - who were working with Another Planet Entertainment, a company based in the United States which was promoting a FOTC tour. Creative Sounds was charged with the role of making commercials for the tour so, naturally, they contacted Tandem - a New Zealand-based production company - for a Kiwi male voice artist. The commercial was promoting "New Zealand’s fourth-most popular guitar bass digi-bongo acapella rap funk comedy folk duo - Flight Of The Conchords" tour in the US. After putting forward a few voice samples, Toby Ricketts eventually won that job. Here's the commercial:


And while we're in a Flight of the Conchords mood, check out one of their most-popular clips on YouTube. It's had over 11-million hits. Binary Data