Finding the Field leaps into round two


Michael Brown's Finding the Field has made it through to the second round of the Next Top Spiritual Author competition. In spite of this competition, aimed at landing a traditional publisher, the printed book is available now, through The Order Now button takes you directly to the right page on Amazon Books - the only way to get a copy until Michael signs up with a traditional publisher. You can of course download free podcasts of the book - recorded at Tandem - by clicking here. Michael has already received some good feedback from readers. Here are some typical comments:

“Up to page 83. Can’t put it down! What a ripper! Congratulations.” Allanah James, New Zealand

“I sat and read it in one sitting. It is wonderful and will touch a lot of people I am sure.” Jenny Finlay, Canada

“I loved it!!!!!” Andrea van Heerden, Australia

“I’ve read no other books that I found to be so profound and compelling.” Toby Ricketts, New Zealand

“It is really well written! There is so much in there! I will read the book a second time.” Bjoern Hofmann, Switzerland

“This book is exquisite!” Deb Stanaway, New Zealand

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